20+ Business Proposal Examples and Ideas

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By Tyra Delos Reyes

A business proposal is your formal pitch—it’s your way of requesting a new initiative, budget, or project.

I curated a list of 20+ plug and play, free business proposal templates that you can use right now to impress your boss. Or win a client over. These templates are 100% free.

We like to think of ourselves as proposal paladins at Proposally.ai, spreading the word on how to build better proposals, one resource at a time.

On top of templates, you’ll see industry and use case-specific tips on how to tailor each proposal for more impactful writing in this article.

Let’s dive right in!

Business Proposal Examples with Sample Template

Digital Marketing Proposal Template

This digital marketing proposal template has a clean, sleek design that’s super easy to use. It includes a handy timetable and a flowchart, making it simple to list deadlines and deliverables.

digital marketind proposal template
Source: Venngage

How you can customize this proposal:

  • Highlight specific goals: What does your strategy and goals look like in terms of their success? Highlight specific key goals like increasing website traffic or boosting social media engagement.
  • Set the narrative with market analysis: Present data on the client’s current online presence, as well as their competitors’. What are their competitors doing that they aren’t? How is it relevant to them? 
  • Outline your strategy: Give an overview of your plan, including SEO tactics, content marketing, PPC campaigns, and social media strategies. How will you tailor these to meet the client’s specific needs?
  • Share some KPIs: Clients want to know you have skin in the game. Define clear KPIs such as organic traffic growth, social media engagement rates, and conversion metrics. 

Website Design Proposal Example

This website design proposal example includes a section where you can pitch different solutions to your clients. It’s perfect if you want to showcase your other services in your proposal.

website design proposal template
Source: Venngage

How you can customize this proposal:

  • Start with the project objectives: One of the best ways to justify the cost of a project is to immediately start with value-add. Because ultimately you’re not just swapping out button colors and CTAs, right? Include tangible metrics such as improving user experience, reducing bounce rates, and increasing conversion rates.
  • Help them visualize their new site: Share initial mockups or wireframes to illustrate your vision. How will the new design enhance usability and align with the client’s brand?
  • Don’t forget about UX and accessibility: Highlight planned improvements in navigation, mobile responsiveness, and loading speeds. What specific changes will make the site more user-friendly? And why does this even matter? 
  • Include key milestones: When can the client expect to see the first design drafts? When will the final site be live?

Business Proposal Example

This modern business proposal template makes it easy to lay out your services and solutions. It’s perfect for putting together a professional and thorough proposal for your potential clients.

modern business proposal template
Source: Venngage

How you can customize this proposal:

  • Start with the benefits: A unique vision is great, but nothing grabs investors and potential co-owners more than answering what’s in it for them. Revenue, scaling opportunities = why they should care. 
  • Include market analysis: What market gap will the new service fill? If the niche is already occupied, how is this new business going to compete with existing brands? 
  • Talk about the math: Setting up a new business is all about cost-benefit analysis. Include revenue forecasts, break-even analysis, and funding requirements. 
  • Acknowledge the risks, and how you plan to overcome them: This lets stakeholders know that you 100% understand the market and that you’re prepared to actually make this work. 

Social Media Marketing Proposal

This social media marketing proposal template is great for showcasing your strategies and how you can elevate a client’s social media presence.

social media marketing proposal template
Source: Venngage

How you can customize this proposal:

  • Tie it back to business objectives: Brands new to social media need convincing that investing in social media will do them wonders. Link KPIs like follower growth and engagement rates to ROI. Will it help their outbound sales? Will it improve brand loyalty over their competitors? 
  • Help them choose a platform: Show that you’ve got a focused plan. Start with their target audience – where do they usually hang out? Narrow down their options to a couple social media channels, and why that’s the best for them. 
  • Provide examples of posts : Propose a mix of content types, from posts and stories to reels. How will your content strategy align with the client’s brand voice and goals?
  • Talk about engagement: You’re talking about taking them online, great! Good social media proposals actually include things beyond posting. Are you going to be running influencer partnerships? Maybe some Q&A sessions? What specific tactics will you use to boost engagement?
  • Differentiate between organic and PPC content: Present a budget that includes options for both organic growth and paid advertising to align their expectations with the project cost. 

Sales Proposal Example

Here’s a minimalist cream and green sales proposal template that’s sleek and simple. It’s perfect for putting together a friendly yet professional sales pitch.

sales proposal tempalte
Source: Venngage

How you can customize this proposal:

  • Empathize with your customer: Show that you understand the client’s specific needs and pain points. What problems are they facing that your product or service can solve?
  • Talk about the value-add: Clearly articulate what sets your product or service apart from the competition. Why should the client choose you over others?
  • Build trust and credibility: Include testimonials or case studies tailored to new prospects. The more specific and aligned it is with your new client, the better. 
  • Include after-sales collaboration: Show clients that you’re not just sticking around for the sale. Outline a follow-up strategy to maintain communication and address any further questions the client may have post-sale. 

IT Consulting Proposal Example

This IT consulting proposal template is great for presenting technical solutions in a clear and organized way, making it super easy to communicate complex information.

it proposal template
Source: Venngage

How you can customize this proposal:

  • Mention your qualifications:: Highlight your experience and expertise in IT consulting. What similar projects have you done in the past? The more specific, the better. 
  • Provide an overview of their infra: What are the specific issues in their infra and how will you address them? If your clients aren’t techy, it’s best to contextualize this in terms of operation efficiency or customer satisfaction. 
  • Walk them through implementation: Detail the steps for upgrading the IT infrastructure, including timelines and milestones. What’s the expected timeframe for each phase of the project?
  • Include upkeep and maintenance: How will you ensure the IT systems remain efficient and secure? 

Content Writing Proposal Example

This content writing proposal template has a clean layout with sections for strategy overview and budget details. It’s perfect for digital agencies and freelancers looking to provide a high-level overview of their specializations.

digital marketing proposal template
Source: Venngage

How you can customize this proposal:

  • Provide the scope: What do the deliverables look like? Are you just touching their blogs or are you also writing their social media posts? If you’re doing more than one content type, it’s usually best to sell it as a package to make it easier for clients. 
  • Explain your strategy: Buy-off is easier when you’re on the same page. Explain your approach to creating content that aligns with the client’s brand and marketing goals. 
  • Include your portfolio: Provide examples of previous work to showcase your writing style and expertise. Your goal is to show how past projects demonstrate your ability to meet the client’s needs. 
  • Provide a timeline: Outline the timeline for content creation and delivery, including any revisions. 
  • Include your rate: Are you charging per article, per word, or on a monthly basis? Include different options or packages to give them an idea of what different budgets can get them. 

Graphic Design Proposal Example

This graphic design proposal template sports a vibrant green and orange color scheme, with handy sections for strategy, execution, and budget.

graphic design proposal template
graphic design proposal template
Source: Venngage

How you can customize this proposal:

  • Tie it back to business objectives: Basically you’re trying to answer: how does this design project help with brand recognition? Or customer satisfaction? 
  • Add a mood board and mockups: Share initial design ideas or mood boards to give the client a sense of your creative direction. On top of brand and design assets, use mockups to help them “imagine” how these designs translate to practical use. 
  • Talk about  brand consistency: This is ultimately how you sell your services. Talk about how you’re doing more than just creating cute newsletters or fun social media posts – what do your services mean in the context of their marketing objectives? 
  • Mention tools and cost: You can make your design services feel more premium by including the tools you’ll be using. Mention that their monthly subscription fee is already part of your pricing package. 

Project Proposal Example

This project proposal example has a fresh orange and white design with clear sections for objectives, risk mitigation, and timelines. It’s perfect for professionals looking to outline high-level project details to stakeholders or potential partners.

project proposal template
Source: Venngage

How you can customize this proposal:

  • Define your objectives: What’s the desired outcome and how will it benefit your client?
  • Include the scope and deliverables: Detail the project scope, including key deliverables and milestones. 
  • Share the process:: The approach is the meat of your project proposal. What frameworks or methodologies will guide the project? This is the perfect place to show off your expertise. 
  • Mention the timeline: Provide a comprehensive budget and timeline. You want to make sure the client understands what the project actually entails: how will resources be allocated and managed?
  • Outline any risks: Identify potential risks, if there are any. Also include how you plan on working through them, if they do show up. 

CRM Implementation Proposal Example

This CRM implementation proposal template includes an ROI and projected costs table, making it easier to convey the initiative’s importance to investors.

CRM proposal template
Source: Venngage

How you can customize this proposal:

  • Assess their needs:: What are the specific problems the client is facing with their current system? Evaluate the client’s current CRM capabilities – what are the gaps you observe there? 
  • Focus on the proposed CRM’s features: How is the new CRM a better fit for them? You can talk about new features or integrations. Make sure to highlight their JTBDs (jobs to be done) to show that this new system is a better match for their day-to-day. 
  • Talk about implementation: Migrating to a new system can be painful, so how are you going to make it seamless? Mention migration times, system integration, and user training. Your goal is to help them see that long-term benefits outweigh the upfront work.

Engineering Services Proposal Example

This engineering services proposal example has a bold and eye-catching design. It has sections dedicated to construction materials, construction and costing, as well as key personnel involved in the project.

engineering service proposal template
Source: Venngage

How you can customize this proposal:

  • Provide the project scope: Describe the project in detail. It’s always a good idea to include some materials and a brief description of the features to help them visualize the project. Include some 3D images, if available. 
  • Include some terms and conditions: Does your company offer any warranties or insurance policies? Are you also going to be in-charge of building permits? 
  • Break down the costs and budget: Go for an itemized breakdown if necessary. Otherwise, it’s totally fine to only include the total cost. You can also mention that labor, materials, and building fees and permits are already included in the total project cost. 
  • Introduce the team: Introduce the principal engineer, project manager, and site manager to make sure the client knows their project is in good hands. Write a bit about their experience to build more trust and credibility. 

Construction Bid Proposal Example

This construction bid proposal has a pretty straightforward black and white design. It has the essentials: scope of work, materials and labor list, as well as a timetable to ensure alignment with stakeholders. 

construction bid proposal
Source: Venngage

How you can customize this proposal:

  • Add the scope of work: Include the type of construction your clients are looking to build, as well as a quick overview of the projected cost. 
  • Include the list of materials: Construction bids are a lot more detailed than engineering proposals. Including a list of materials helps clients understand what they’re paying for. This is a great section to include insurance policies and permits. 
  • Include a timetable: Even if it’s just a quick estimate. The intention is to provide some sort of timeline to the project owner. You can always write a quick disclaimer about delays due to unforeseen or uncontrollable instances such as inclement weather. 

Insurance Services Proposal Example

This insurance services proposal template has a clean and professional layout, perfect for outlining investment strategies, financial services, and client goals. It’s excellent for financial planners looking to present detailed advice and plans to clients.

financial planning proposal template
Source: Venngage

How you can customize this proposal:

  • Introduce your team: Insurance is all about relationships and trust. Clients want to know they’re in safe hands. Include a quick overview of your team (or just yourself), and your mission vision statement. 
  • Explain your services in a jargon-free way: You’re basically answering what’s in it for them. Are your services designed to guide clients in making sounder financial decisions? Or are you working on portfolio and investment management to help them achieve their life goals?
  • Make it personal: Emphasize how dedicated you are to giving them a personalized service. Again, clients want to work with someone who has their best interests at heart. If you have regular policy reviews and updates, don’t forget to include that too. 

Grant Proposal Example

This grant proposal template is tailored for education initiatives. The design includes a structured format to discuss grant objectives, methodologies, and budget requirements. 

grant proposal template
Source: Venngage

How you can customize this proposal:

  • Give a high-level executive summary: Describe what the grant will be used for. Who are going to be its beneficiaries? Why is this important to the community? 
  • Include a project description: Outline your project plan by including specific activities, timelines, and deliverables.
  • Add a budget justification: Provide a detailed budget, explaining how each expense contributes to the project’s success and aligns with the funder’s guidelines.
  • Share the grant’s impact: Describe how you will measure the success and impact of your project. What metrics will you be looking at? Reassure stakeholders that you’re going to be reporting on the outcomes of the project to build trust. 

Budget Proposal Example

This budget proposal template offers a clear and straightforward layout, designed to present financial plans and allocations effectively. It’s perfect for organizations and departments outlining annual budgets to stakeholders.

budget proposal template
Source: Venngage

How you can customize this proposal:

  • Start with a financial overview: Summarize your organization’s financial needs and priorities, providing context for your budget proposal.
  • Break down allocation: Itemize all projected expenses, including personnel, materials, equipment, and overhead costs. 
  • Justify budget changes: Explain the rationale behind each budget item, including how it supports your organization’s goals and objectives. If you’re moving funds around, keep stakeholders in the loop by briefly explaining the intention behind them. Include previous company reports to support your decision. 

Research Proposal Example

This research proposal template has a cool geometric purple and green design. It has dedicated sections for research objectives, research methodology, as well as expected outcomes and the projected research timeline.

research proposal template
Source: Venngage

How you can customize this proposal:

  • Introduce the research and why it’s relevant: Why are you doing this research in the first place? Introduce the importance and possible impact this research has on potential stakeholders. 
  • Outline your objectives: Choose three to five research objectives – these will serve as the anchor of your research proposal. 
  • Discuss your methodology: Describe your research design and methods. How are you going to ensure the quality of your study? Adding ethical considerations is also a great way to demonstrate your conscientiousness as a researcher. 
  • Mention expected outcomes and timeline: Research projects are typically broken down in the data collection, data analysis, reporting, and publication phases. How are these reflected in your own research? 

Interior Design Proposal Example

This interior design proposal template has a dedicated section for presenting design concepts, material palettes, and communicating project timelines. Great for discussing the nitty-gritty details of the renovation.

Clean Layout Interior Design Proposal Template
Source: Venngage

How you can customize this proposal:

  • Include scope of work: Tie the project back to the client’s needs and goals. Did they want a renovation so they could host more of their friends and family? Are they looking to make the space more functional?
  • Quickly mention design concepts: This section is all about how you’ll be developing a cohesive design concept that aligns with their tastes and lifestyle. You can include elements like colors, furniture, and lighting. 
  • Include a budget and timeline: Break down the project in terms of milestones. You can include a chart detailing milestones and the payment schedules to make sure financing is smooth throughout the project. 

Event Planning Proposal Example

This event planning proposal example is perfect for planners looking to be specific about their services and the proposed budget. It has a testimonials and conclusion section so you can talk about your previous events. 

Event Planning Proposal Template
Source: Venngage

How you can customize this proposal:

  • Start with the event details: Include a quick bullet point of the when, what, and the where. It’s also a great idea to go over the event objectives and how you plan on meeting those as a vendor. 
  • Propose budget and services: What’s included in the package? Will you also be coordinating with the contractors and vendors, on top of conceptualizing the event? This section is all about helping your client understand your value by detailing how committed and involved you are in overseeing their event’s success.
  • Talk about previous experiences: Put clients at ease by sharing your previous wins as an event coordinator. How did previous events meet their client’s objectives? How have you made sure that it would be successful? 

Marketing Research Proposal Example

This marketing research proposal template has a minimalist grey and green design. It’s structured to highlight the research objectives and the research methodology, which is perfect for giving your data credibility. 

Grey & Green Minimalist Research Proposal Template
Source: Venngage

How you can customize this proposal:

  • Provide a high-level summary of the goals: What are your key objectives for this research initiative? Talk a little bit about how the findings are going to improve or complement your organization’s current marketing initiatives. 
  • Pick out research objectives: Justify the research initiative by tying it back to business objectives – how is this research going to improve your organization’s understanding of its customer segments? Why is that even important in the first place? 
  • Outline your research methodology: Will you be conducting 1-on-1 interviews with existing customers or are you going to be hosting online surveys through your website?
  • Tie it back to impact: Conclude by reminding stakeholders that this research initiative is ultimately a cross-functional effort. You can end by tying back the results to key metrics in product, development, sales, and customer support. 

Software Development Proposal Example

This software development proposal template outlines the project scope, tech specifications, as well as a breakdown of the costs. It’s perfect for developers and tech companies proposing software projects to clients. 

Mobile App Development Proposal Template
Source: Venngage

How you can customize this proposal:

  • Begin with business objectives: Ensure the project is aligned by restating the project objectives. How is this software going to improve the client’s operations? What pain points did they mention, and how is this project going to directly address those? 
  • Break down the requirements and scope: Developers know all too well how easily scope creep can happen. Be as specific as you can about the discussed scope. You can always add a quick disclaimer that the scope can change in the future depending on new priorities. 
  • Talk a little bit about the stack: What tech will you be using to bring this project to life? Even for non-techy project owners, it’s always a good idea to include the development tools you’ll be using for full transparency. 
  • Mention QA testing and design: What approach will you take to software development (e.g., agile, waterfall)? How will you ensure timely delivery and quality assurance?

Public Relations Proposal Example

This public relations proposal example uses a yellow and black color scheme. It has a section dedicated to product pages where you can include different services that you offer.  

Yellow & Black Color Brand Management Proposal Template
Source: Venngage

How you can customize this proposal:

  • Introduce your team: What makes you (and your team) a good fit for the client? PR is all about network building – this is a great section to make sure you stand out from other agencies or vendors. 
  • Discuss brand management strategies: What key messages do you recommend the client communicate to their target audience? How will you ensure consistency and alignment with their brand identity?
  • Show off your network-building prowess: Do you have access to reporters or journalists who could help your client in building a solid online presence? PR is ultimately a people game. This section is all about showing off who you know, and how they can help. 
  • Talk about measuring results: What key performance indicators (KPIs) will you use to evaluate success and adjust strategies as needed? It’s best to tailor it according to their primary marketing channel.

Training and Development Proposal Example

This training and development proposal template uses a professional green theme. The template is ideal for HR representatives or team leads looking to present training objectives, curriculum details, and implementation plans. 

Internal Training Proposal Template
Source: Venngage

How you can customize this proposal:

  • Justify the training: Highlight pain points from managers, or point out recurring roadblocks that relate to scaling or growth. You can even use internal metrics such as employee engagement ratings as the foundation of your proposal. 
  • Talk about your training plan: What topics and learning objectives will the training program cover? How will you customize the content to meet the needs of different employee groups?
  • Discuss your monitoring methods: Convince stakeholders that this isn’t just another training plan. You can talk about how you’ll be assessing  the effectiveness of the training program. What metrics will you use to measure learning outcomes and behavior change?
  • Bring it to the future: Training programs are ultimately an investment. Remind stakeholders what this upfront cost means in terms of long-term growth: are you looking at better engagement rates? Less employee churn? A more competitive workforce? 

Financial Services Proposal Example

This financial services proposal template offers a professional layout, perfect for independent CPAs and finance auditing firms. It has sections detailing the project plan, as well as terms and conditions to mitigate any liabilities and risks. 

Financial Audit Proposal Template
Source: Venngage

How you can customize this proposal:

  • Detail out the project plan: Identify the client’s financial goals and challenges. Are they looking to minimize tax liability, optimize investment portfolios, or plan for retirement?
  • Highlight your expertise: Help clients understand that you have skin in the game. Mention your specialization to make your clients feel at ease – do you specialize in tax preparation, investment management, or estate planning? Share success stories or testimonials from satisfied clients to build credibility.
  • Provide some terms and conditions: Clearly explain your fees, payment schedules, and any additional costs. Financial services can be tricky; add liability clauses when applicable. 

Environmental Consulting Proposal Example

This environmental development proposal template features sections for the proposed solution, as well as product packages to give clients varied options. There is also a section for the event proposal detailing activities and goals for that initiative. 

Environmental Development Proposal Template
Source: Venngage

How you can customize this proposal:

  • Be specific with project goals: Environmental ROI isn’t always obvious. Frame your environmental proposal around tangible metrics like decreasing carbon emissions, improving energy efficiency, and increasing community involvement in green efforts.
  • Discuss sustainability solutions: How will you help the client integrate sustainability principles into their operations? What strategies will you use to reduce their environmental footprint and enhance their corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts?
  • Provide the pros and cons of environmental compliance: Provide a brief overview of environmental compliance laws, and how you can help stakeholders navigate them. What laws and standards are most relevant to them, and why? What associated benefits or penalties are there around environmental compliance? 

Human Resources Proposal Example

This human resources proposal example offers a clear and organized layout, perfect for pitching HR resources to new clients. It has a table where you can detail out your different service offerings, and a section dedicated to contract details and payment terms. 

Staffing Agency Proposal Template
Source: Venngage

How you can customize this proposal:

  • Start with a problem statement: Discuss the specific HR challenges the client is facing. Are they struggling with high turnover rates, training deficiencies, or regulatory compliance issues?
  • Dive deep into HR strategies: You can use case studies to provide specific examples of how you’ve helped organizations with their HR challenges. End this section by answering how you’ll improve their specific employee or hiring pain points. 
  • Discuss project details: Ensure you’re on the same page by providing a high-level summary of the types of services you’ll be providing for the client. Are you going to be head hunting for leadership positions? Are you supporting seasonal demand with temporary staffing solutions? 
  • Share what makes your talent pool great: What sourcing and screening methods will you use to build a pipeline of talent? Use this section to differentiate yourself from other HR providers. 

So what is a business proposal?

You’ve seen some examples, but what is it really?

A business proposal is a comprehensive document that outlines the products or services a company offers to a potential client, or a manager if you’re sending it within your team.

The best way to think of a business proposal is in terms of the document’s objectives. Ultimately, a business proposal’s goal is to meet the following:

  • Provide a high-level overview of the project scope and objectives
  • Identify why it’s useful, and who it will be most useful for 
  • Build trust and credibility to increase your chances of getting a yes
  • Align with stakeholders and make them feel like you understand their concerns
  • Discuss the resources needed (cost, timeline, team members)

How do you write a business proposal?

A business proposal generally follows a standard structure, regardless of the type of proposal you’re writing. In another article, I do a deeper dive on what each section entails, and provide actionable tips on how to write each section impactfully.

In general, this is the flow we like to follow when writing our own proposals:

  1. Know your audience: Figure out who will be receiving the proposal and tailor your message to their priorities.
  2. Clarify your goal: Clearly state the goal of your proposal, whether it’s to win a contract, partnership, or investment. 
  3. State project objectives and metrics: Mention key objectives and be as specific as you can. Include any metrics or KPIs that are relevant to the business proposal to immediately highlight the value you’re adding to the organization. 
  4. Define the problem: Highlight the pain points and the problem statement. This is essentially the “why” of your business proposal. What are the audience’s needs and problems? 
  5. Discuss solutions: Go into detail about how you can address their problem. They want to know what’s in it for them. The best way to talk about the benefits is to tie it back with their pain points and problems. 
  6. Detail the methodology: Explain the processes and methods involved in meeting this solution. Depending on the business proposal you’re writing, this can come in the form of a methodology review for research requests, or a strategy deep dive for a service-based proposal. 
  7. Specify price and deliverables: Clearly outline your pricing, including costs for different services and any payment terms. Specify what you will deliver and when.

Where to next?

If you’re looking for specific tips on how to write business proposals from scratch, we’ve got a couple that do exactly that. Here’s a shortlist of the next resources you can read to continue your learning:

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